Gods unfailing love

Bringing God’s transformational grace and truth to a world seeking sacred sexuality.

We believe the goal for our sexuality should be biblical holiness whether married or single.

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Is “Conversion Therapy” a method that TMA endorses?

TMA counselors provide Biblically and therapeutically sound methods of care and compassion to those looking for help addressing the underlying influences of personally experienced unwanted same-sex attractions and their accompanying desires as well as those who experience gender identity confusion.


Bringing God’s transformational grace and truth to a world seeking sacred sexuality.

TMA or its members do not practice conversion therapy. This term was fabricated by those outside of Christian ministries in an effort to defame reputable ministries and counselors. The TMA network nor its members utilize any coercive practices with those they serve. Instead, TMA and its members provide and support Biblical truth to those interested in pursuing the tenets of their own faith.

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About TMA

Transformation Ministries Alliance is an interdenominational network of Christian ministries, churches and counselors, which is governed by its membership. We are devoted to preserving and declaring a Biblical sexual ethic among its members and followers within the Body of Christ, and in our daily lives. Our members have been impacted either directly or indirectly with homosexuality and/or transgenderism. We believe in and experience the saving grace and transforming power of Jesus Christ in our lives as He conforms us more perfectly to His image.

Join us for TMA's Epic Transformation Conference hosted at The Ark Encounter this Spring!

TMA Leadership and speakers will provide biblical guidance on key sexual issues and Christian living according to God’s design. Pastors, counselors, impacted families, and Overcomers from LGBTQ are encouraged to attend.